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Dirkje VP grade 3

It is going better, she had the 2nd place :)

Gijsje agility Game

3th of 86

Dirkje agility Game

4th of 86

Dirkje agility VP

15th of 86 I was content

Gijsje agility grade 2 VP

3th of 86

agility training of Ravel

There is progress! He is now 8 months with us

JLee her first agility competition in grade 3

After 5 months without agility because of her pregnancy and litter. I was very proud of her

Dirkje Place 4

She was 4 out of 93 combinations by the jumping

Gijsje 1st place out of 92 combinations

I am very proud!

Training Boukje

She is 3,5 months and we try. Unfortunately I am not very good in my commands but she still understand what I mean

Dirkje is promoted

Promoted with 20 months to grade 2 agility!!

Dirkje VP AKC 5-10-2014

She does not like it when the judge gets to close ;(

Dirkje jumping AKC 5-10-2014

She win!

Dirkje her first official competition

I was really content

JLee has a podium place in grade 2 of the agility

Many points :)

Dirkje; eerste debutantenwedstrijdje 15 mnd

1ste plaats op het Spel!

Jelle is promoted in the agility

Jelle became his last qualification and is promoted to grade 2 (in the UK it is probably grade 4)

JLee her first run in grade 2

She was really fantastic

Jelle jumping

Jelle was fantastic, I forgot a jump

Jelle Animal Event Jumping agility

Jelle likes to have a flying start. For the rest it was a nice round .

Jlee is promoted

Oh , oh, she saved me.

JLee became her second qualification

She is so fast...

Dirkje and agility

Almost 1 year old

Training agility Gijsje

And maybe we will learn some agility :)

Jlee agility Gambling

It is going better, we still ahve to learn a lot

Tuurtje starts with agility


Simon at work




The pups with Christmas


JLee and agility

Pijnhorst, grade 1

Puppies from Gideon and Loesje

3 weeks and 2 days now

Puppies from Loesje and Gideon

19 days "old"

Contact with your dog is important!

This video show how important it is to have contact with your dog :)

Timing is important!

With Gijsje. I waited too long if she was taken the jump.

Dirkje and agility

Dirkje is learning the foundation for agility.

JLee her first real agility competition

VP, I was happy with her performance. We are not a team yet but I hope we will grow in that.

JLee her first Debutant competition

She was 3th on the jumping :)

Jelle his first qualification in agility

He was doing very well

Game with Jelle 4th place

KC Gooi en Eemland

One of the first agility competitions with Allunga

Second competition; jumping

The puppies from Jelle & JLee

The day after Birth

Foutloze jumping maar helaas tamelijk traag

B1 Bergen op Zoom

A Misstep in the agility

Fatal misstep in the agility

5,5 weeks old pups of Kiwi

They like to be outside

4, 5 week old puppies from Kiwi

Puppies from Kiwi on the age of 4, 5 week outside

Allunga agility training

Allunga, agility training 24-04

First competition agility with Gijsje in 2012

Second Place !

Puppies from Kiwi & Black Jack 3 weeks

The pups are eating

Third agility competition from Jelle

01-04-2012 the first outside agility competition with Jelle. I was so very proud on my little man.

Agility competition 17-03-2012

Teamcompetition with kelpies. First Gijsje with me, than Resa with Lieke and at last Jody with Claudia


Kylie aan het voetballen

Dierendag Kelpiebrink 2009