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Meeko zoekt een nieuw huis


We search for Meeko an forever home.

He is 8 months old.
Born: 06-05-2018
Mother: Boukje Kelpiebrink
Maeglin Gijste x Ravel Kelpiebrink
Father: Attack Black Mount McKinkey
Colour Black

Meeko is an active kelpie. He is smart, fast and strongly boss-oriented.
Meeko is a real kelpie that needs a fair and consistent approach. He is not really dominant and used to other dogs. However, he is now in puberty. He finds some situations exciting and then he seeks support from his boss. Meeko is protective to his owner.

It would be nice if we find a house for him where he gets the attention he deserves and where he can be brought up with patience and love.

Due to personal circumstances his owner is unable to take care of him anymore.

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