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HP and health


Just want you to tell that I am working at my homepage. Special the chapter about Health took me some time. Our race have healthproblems. There are also some dogs from my breed with healthproblems. Some of them had heartproblems, some of them back problems and some of them other kind of illness. From the heartproblems we know that it is mostly cost by inheridaty .I use the word mostly but that is not correct. Some heartissues are because of inheridaty. We test all our young dogs on heartproblems before we take them for breeding. And we are cautious about the lines we use. But a veterinary told me that 1 of the 4 dogs in all races have a heartproblem. There are a lot of other things that can cause heartproblems. Think about infections for exampel. And in my opinion we have to be cautious but it is not really intelligent to exclude every dog from breeding because of a suspect of heart problems in a bloodline. Because that is what it is a presumption. There is no proper research in our race.
And still,it is like HD, ED and so further. You can have perfect healthy dogs as parents and still problems with the children.
Not only heart problems concern me but also eyes, HD, ED. And of course we test the most of our younger dogs these days on these aspects but in comparing to heartproblems and other races I do not think it a very big problem.
An other kind of problem that caught my attention are backproblems. All kind of backproblems. In Finland they have to test at the back since 2015 (that is what they told me). With test they ment X ray as a first screening but please tell me if I am wrong.
Also in my own breed I hear about backproblems over the years. The most of the time little things, mostly with eldery dogs of with dogs who were intensiv trained in some kind of dogsport.I felt sorry for the dog and owner. But have never really paid much attention to this problem. Now I think that it can be a problem. Perhaps because of a familial susceptibility to back pains. But maybe it is because of a wrong way of handling the dog. Probably it is the same with other things, it could be both.
And now I got a message from the President of the Swiss Kennel Club. They think that there is already a growing next problem in our race. Had never hear about it, never noticed it in my own dogs.
A lot of people are in panic and talk about excluding lines from breeding. I personally think that the genetic variety within the breed is the most appropriate and the basis of a healthy dog I plead to exclude as less as possible from breeding.
And yes there will Always be health problems.
I understand all the emotions that this issue arouses in people. But let be honest all living creatures are different and have problems. It is part of live. And is a dog ment to be 20 years old? The average age of my dogs is 12,5 years and they had all a live that was of a dog led dignity.
And in comparing with a lot of other races is the kelpie in general a healthy dog.
Sometimes I wonder why I am still breeding and than I look around and see my dogs. I am realistic, my dogs are happy and I am happy with them. Hope that all the people with a dog from my breed love them as the way I love them and that they can give them a live what suits with a dog.

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