Simon, will not use as studdog

Simon has an enlarged heart and reduced pump function it does not seem to worsen and hear with him. Nevertheless, we pulled him of precaution, out from breeding. Especially because of the heart research shows that Glimmergruvans Ville full paternal uncle inherited heart problems (DCM)

Born: 12-08-2007

Name: Almdalens Simon

Father: Glimmergruvans victor (S32973/99)
Leagardens Aladdin x Glimmergruvans Solo Song
Mother: Almdalens Rut (S40151/2005)
Almdalens Pepper x Almdalens Ozzi

HD A Colour: re. Simon is carrier of the tan gen

18-08-2008: free
26-02-2010: free

MDR1 Mutationanalyse: Mutation: none
Genotype +/+

DNA profile: We have one

Offspring Simon mated for the first time in 2010. His children are living throughwhole Europe.

We doesn't like shows. With Simon we have been 3 times to a show and the results were from very promising till res. CAC and CACIB

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