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Holliday with your dogs ?

In our farmhouse in Baarle-Nassau we have converted the threshing floor into a guesthouse.

Visit our Facebookpage for an good impression.

We provide courses for beginners agility, herding, mantrailing, dealing with the clicker, treibball. You can take a few days to keep an active holiday with your dog.

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There are two bedrooms with private toilet and bathroom facilities. Together they have a fully equipped kitchen and livingroom.


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The village which is at a 5 to 10 minutes’cycling distance comprises all facilities for an enjoyable stay such as a number of traditional bakers and butchers, and modern supermarkets.

The idea of realising guestrooms was born out of the fact that we welcome guests from abroad throughout the year. The reason is that our dogs (Australian kelpies) are well-known among doglovers in Europe. That is why especially doglovers are very welcome.


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Although we live in a rural area, relatively quiet, we do have a busy household. We practise sheep driving and agility ourselves.
Our guests can, if they would like to, also book an arrangement agility, mantrailing, treibball and/or sheep driving

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We live at the edge of the wood and Baarle Nassau/Hertog offers a lot of walking and cycling possibilities. There is a lot to experience in other fields as well, varying from visiting good restaurants, cultural cities in Belgium and the Netherlands, to visiting entertainment parks and museums. But even our enclave village is unique. Please read more in the paragraph about the surroundings .

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