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Sigrid Bothe

Years ago, when I was in Trier at a big agility competition I saw my first Australian Kelpie - it was Pit Kelpiebrink. Until that day I had never seen this breed. But I was fascinated about its agility run.
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I was running a lot of years in agility competitions and when I saw this dog it was clear for me that I wanted to take one in my family.

In the next years I tried to learn as much as possible about this breed, called some breeders and collected information about the breed. Six years later I got in contact with Greet and it finally happened - I got to her in Oktober 2011 and picked up Almo Kelpiebrink nickname Sydney Sunshine an eight week old chocolate brown Australian Kelpie.

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I was so happy!

Now began a very lively time

By that time my old dog Raudy was still alive and so Sydney has had a cobber.

Kelpies are very intelligent dogs and the education requires a lot of patience and diplomacy, you can enforce nothing. Everything must be clear and understandable. If so Kelpies learn very fast and do everything for their owners. If they do not understand your wishes, they can be very stubborn

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Sydney is thrilled about agility. He loves it, is racy, and reacts instantly.

Every day at our walks we practice some little thing. Once a week we have agility training and in spring we have a agility-competition every weekend.

When Sydney was two years old, I decided to take another Kelpie in my family. 

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And so Jibbe Kelpiebrink, nickname Clooney Cute, came to me. It is a great life  with  my two dogs.

To live with a Kelpie means  to be a very active person. For people who do not like to spend their time outside beeing active with their dogs a Kelpie is not the right breed.

But if you have fun to do dog sports and spend your free time actively with your dog, life with a Kelpie is wonderful. Clooney will also be trained in agility.

He is absolutely willing to work, learns very quick and is very excited about our training. If he does not understand something, he makes me realize it with loud barking. Thereby I immediately know I did not give him a clear instruction.

I have heard from others, such a dog would make them nervous. In my experience that is not the case. I rather become more and more quiet, since I recognized that my dogs then work concentrated again.

If you educate them with love and patience and consider their individual personality, (and they have a lot of it) Kelpies are an enrichment in the life of every dog friend.

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