Australian Kelpie

07-08-2019 Puppies!

7-08-2019: 7 puppies are born! 3 females and 4 males. 

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: hond, buiten en natuur

F: Evallens Black&Tan Orizon

M:Boukje Kelpiebrink

Both dogs have been tested and found free from:


ED 0/0

Eyes (ECVO)

Heart (Colour Doppler)

We expect that the puppies will be suitable for show and sporting activities.

We expect also that they will be suitable as active pet

Location: S. Netherlands (at the border with Belgium)

tl_files/pups/Boukje x Katch pups/DSC_2569-.jpg

Australian Kelpie Kennel Kelpiebrink

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